Sealed with A Kiss Roll-on Lipstick Fixative 12 ml

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Sealed with A Kiss Lipstick fixative ensures that your pout stays perfect no matter what comes your way. After applying your favorite lipstick, use this fixative to lock in your color for a smudge-proof, drink-proof, totally kiss-proof, freshly-applied perfect look. Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick Fixative also prevents feathering and bleeding into the fine lines around the lip line so you can stay gorgeous!
  • PREVENTS lipstick from bleeding and feathering
  • ENSURES a freshly-applied appearance
  • VALUE Size - 2.5 times larger than original Sealed With A Kiss
  • NO Animal Testing. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Smear-proof, Smudge-Proof, Kiss-Proof

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